• Under The Northern Lights

    Northern Sweden is unique – a pure and crisp landscape intersected by the Polar circle. This is where you can gaze in wonder at the Northern Lights, enjoy a day of dog-sledding or treat yourself to the culinary delights that make this part of the world so special.

    There is nowhere like Northern Sweden, and there is nothing quite like the flavours of this naturally rich land.

    This is where you’ll find Polarbröd, Sweden’s third largest bread producer.  We have been around for five generations, and are looking forward to many more to come.

    We bake traditional Swedish bread that is offered by the food service and catering industry in several European countries, as well as on trains and planes all over the world.

    Our way of baking bread is inspired by traditional Northern Swedish baking methods that give the bread its characteristic and unique appearance and taste. Great taste and the tradition of hearth-baked flatbread are the building blocks of Polarbröd’s success.

    Our product range includes:

    • Soft and hard flatbreads
    • White and brown bread rolls
    • Ready-made sandwiches as well as a growing range of organic bread

    Our bakeries are found in traditional but thriving villages in Northern Sweden. Polarbröd’s head office and main bakery is located in Älvsbyn. This is where our flat, round breads are made. Our hard and soft flatbread is baked in Bredbyn. The marketing & communication department is located in Umeå.