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    Traditions since 1879

    After his travel to Northern Sweden, baker Johan Nilsson had intended on returning back home to the south. Instead, he settled in Älvsbyn in 1879, where he set up his own bakery, laying the foundations for solid baking family tradition. This has been passed from generation to generation, and in the 1950’s, Johan’s grandson Gösta and wife Greta realised there was a market for traditional Northern Swedish bread outside of the region. However, to handle the distribution of fresh bread, it needed to be preserved in some way. The Nilsssons chose the classical northern method of freezing. To avoid wastage, Greta tried to freeze sandwiches. One of them, filled with smoked reindeer, was an instant success – the today well-known Renklämma. Greta had invented the world’s first frozen sandwich and thanks to her, the Polarkaka was born, later giving its name to the company Polarbröd.