• Our Sustainability Work

    Polarbröd gives everyone the chance to eat well and healthily – today and for generations to come

    Polarbröd is a fifth-generation bread producer in Northern Sweden. In our company culture, we have always taken several aspects into account before decisions have been made. With new knowledge comes new responsibilities. We now know that the way in which our society makes a living gives short-term benefits, but is unsustainable. The vulnerability of ecological capacity is a new insight that has led us to want to transform our business so we can continue to create opportunities to eat well and healthily, for many generations to come. The sustainability issue is so important, that we are reviewing our whole operation; what we do and how we do it.


    Sustanable by 2022

    Financial sustainability is a prerequisite for all good business practices. Through our smart and efficient products, we lay the foundation for long-term stability and drive. Although we strive for profitable growth, we want to do this within the limits of our planet. Polarbröd’s approach is to offer the best possible product using the minimum amount of resources.

    In 2012, we set targets for 2022 and gave ourselves ten years to secure the future of our business. The environmental targets are: sustainable produced ingredients, fossil free transports, renewable or recycled packaging materials and self-sufficiency in renewable energy.

    In 2014, the Polarbröd Group paved the way for a sustainable business by investing in, and building, four wind turbines that supply our bakeries with renewable electricity.

    We are switching our packaging materials and over 90% of our plastic bags are made from biproducts from Sugar cane production. The new bags are 100% recyclable and 86% renewable, reducing emissions of harmful carbon dioxide.