Smokey Spanish Caesar

This is the slightly hotter Spanish cousin of the classic Caesar salad with a fine hint of smokiness, grated manchego and bacon cubes. Love it!

The recipe is intended for one Wrapini – it can be multiplied by 10.


Method: Mix the mayonnaise, anchovy fillet and garlic with the lettuce. Arrange the lettuce mixture over the wrap; this serves as a kind of insulation. Sprinkle the crispy-fried bacon cubes and grilled chicken seasoned with smoked pepper powder over 2/3 of the wrap. Top with grated cheese. Season with salt and pepper according to taste. Roll up!

Tip! For added crispiness, try replacing the croutons with poppy seeds. For anyone wanting to avoid pork, chicken and turkey bacon are available.


1 Polarbröd Soft Thin Bread
2-3 finely-shredded romaine lettuce leaves
50 g grilled chicken in chunks
2 tbsp fried chicken bacon cubes
20 g croutons, slightly crushed
35 g mayonnaise
20 g manchego or other distinctive cheese
1 pinch of grated garlic clove
½ anchovy fillet
½ tsp smoked Spanish pepper powder to give it the Spanish character