Tea-time snack with chocolate and orange

Spread the bread with cream cheese. Grate the orange zest and sprinkle it out over the cream cheese. Peel the orange and cut the fruit into small pieces, slice the mint leaves. Top the bread with the pieces of orange and mint leaves. Roll the bread tightly and cover it in cling film. Allowing it to rest overnight will give the flavours time to develop. Then cut the roll into bite-size pieces. Garnish with orange slices, chopped pistachios and mint leaves.

Here’s a tip! Mix plain cream cheese with hazelnut or chocolate spread if you cannot find flavoured cream cheese.


6 pieces

1 Polarbröd Soft Thinbread
100 ml chocolate-flavoured cream
1 orange
50 ml fresh mint leaves
to decorate:
3 thin slices of orange
a few pistachios, chopped
a few mint leaves